Disruptive Beauty Brand

Marketing and Product Development Hires


Through our extensive network in beauty, we were approached to support a much hyped beauty start-up founded by a true innovator in the wellness space. With the brand set for huge expansion in the US, we were brought on board to hire a Marketing Director and a Head of New Product Development to ensure the brand message was succinct across all channels and they have a strong pipeline of first to market, groundbreaking product.


Start-ups are notoriously fluid and have a propensity to quickly change direction in line with business growth patterns. To ensure the process stayed on track we cemented our relationships with the leadership team and amended our process accordingly, keeping open lines of communication both ways with candidates and clients.

There needed to be a real synergy between someone who had the right experience, gravitas, and skills, and a person who could be effective in working in a fast paced, founder led, entrepreneurial business. Our research team extensively mapped out key competitors to understand their structures and through this we curated and presented a longer initial shortlist of talent, of which the client met all in order to gain overall context and make intelligent decisions.


The client was able to hire a rigorous and dynamic duo who have the perfect mix of start up and corporate experience to add structure and rigour whilst setting the brand up for global success.