Communications Agency Restructure

A confidential team change to modernise a well-established agency

The Brief

We were appointed by a global fashion and beauty communications agency to support their HR Director in a massive leadership restructure with aims to modernise the business and operate ahead of their competitors in the 360 communications space.

With new investors and digital needing to be considered as a main player rather than a supporting role, the ultimate objective for this busiess was to have strong leaders implemented who could inspire and skill up the large teams beneath them.

The Process

With some existing employees either having their roles changed or being exited from the business in order to make space for new hires, we were sensitive to ensuring that the upmost confidentiality was kept throughout the process. It's to no one's benefit if a situation like this leaks to the wrong people so we worked in tandem with HR to ensure that all information was transparent and we were able to reach out to potential future hires with a clear and honest picture about the future of the business.

With an existing reputation for being able to provide an excellent level of service in one area, however falling a little flat in others it was our responsibility to really bring the new era of the business to light for the talent we were speaking to.

Our client wanted to go in initially with an intensive interview and project process (as requested by their investors), however we guided them in having a more informal "coffee and chat" run up which meant that people felt more comfortable all round with learning more about the company and what they could bring.

Based on these informal meetings we created a shortlist of talent and were then able to guide our client and the candidates through a nimble interview process where there was a pre-existing relationship and a sense of connection, rather than the talent feeling like they could have potentially been going into a negative environment where massive change had occured.

The Result

All three placed candidates were on-boarded in quick succession and have been key in the repositioning of the agency, contributing to pitch wins, cultural realignment of the business and ultimately, higher billings across the board in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Our work continues with the brand on a global basis and we are counted as a trusted partner to the business to structure and build ambitious and forward thinking communications teams.