Celebrity Brand Launch

Creating an influencer brand at the forefront of the fashion world

The Brief

Our client was a globally recognised celebrity who had recently had significant investment to launch her own line. We were working in tandem with the CEO to source a Design Director who would work in harmony to bring the vision of her eponymous label to life.

The Process

With previous experience working with high-profile clients like this, we appreciated that there's a huge amount of emotion tied to letting someone else design the collection with your name on. There needed to be a real balance between someone who had the right experience and skills but the ego of being sensitive to working in a slightly different environment to the traditional fashion house.

The CEO and Founder had a vision that they wanted to create a really positive working environment which was music to our ears and we loved being a part of helping them sculpt and make this a reality.

Working to interpret the aesthetic vision of what the client wanted to eventually achieve, we were able to put this into a realisitc strategy of how long it would take and who we could approach.

There was a huge amount of confidentiality in the hire so we did many covert meetings internationally in order to curate a shortlist of talent who we felt would be the most appropriate in terms of personality matching as well as their aptitude in this kind of start up environment.

The Result

The client found their perfect match with someone we presented who we had actually worked with on and off for several years. The client was thrilled with the hire and it's been such a pleasure to see the collection launch and grow over the last few seasons.

Alongside the Design Director, we've also placed a Footwear Consultant and keep in contact with the client on a regular basis.